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Water Flosser Shower Head

The oral breeze water jet dental irrigator shower head adapter kit is perfect for those looking to get everything you need when getting a new oral water flosser. This kit includes a water jet, dental irrigator, and shoulder piece all in one place! Plus, it comes with a length of electrical cord and an instruction booklet.

Water Flosser Shower Head Amazon

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Cheap Water Flosser Shower Head

The oral breeze water jet dental irrigator shower head adapter kit allows you to use your shower head with your water flosser. This makes it so you can flossing without ever having to leave the shower. The kit also includes a water flosser and a shower head. the water flosser shower head is a must have for any shower that features a flossing experience. The flossing water flow and the oral irrigation helps to clean the teeth, as well as the water table and the plants. The water is then used to clean the shower head and any other parts using thezu-able technology. This system includes the necessary parts and is designed to clean your teeth and gums in just minutes. this is a high-quality water flosser with a electronic read out system, that allows you to choose the right stream for you. The shower head is made of plastic and has a black finish. It includes a a-shaped lead free stream with a water flow rate of 2. 4 ounces per minute. It is made to be easy to use with a intuitive controls interface.